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When you purchase a parrot from About Birds, you receive 10% off all accessories: toys, food, perches, bowls, stands and other items. Most cages available at the store are less expensive than at other retail outlets. We try to stock up on cages when they are on sale from the distributer, and therefore, are able to pass those savings along to our customers. If you find a cage at an “online” store, we will possibly be able to match or give you a lower price, but this is not always true.
Every month we feature different items at a discount. Sometimes it will be food; pellets or seed, and other times it will be toys or playstands.
Once a year, we host an Anniversary Party where we have specials on almost everything except birds. We have a raffle, give away many prizes, and provide barbeque sandwiches for all who stop by.

We do offer a layaway plan on both parrots and cages, or on a package with bird, cage and all accessories. We require 1/3 down at time of purchase, 1/3 by the end of 30 days, with the balance being due at the end of 60 days. We encourage the customer to come in often to interact with their parrot and to establish a lasting bond of friendship. If the customer is a first time bird owner (or the first time being owned by a parrot), we offer relationship training or, as we call it, Parrot 101.

When you purchase a parrot from us, you will be given some basic common sense information on behavior and diet, and grooming issues, along with recommendations on avian veterinarians. We also encourage out customers to contact us with any problems or questions, assuring them that “there are no dumb or silly questions.”
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