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There are many reasons that you may need a facility that will board your feathered friend.  Birds need a lot of interaction, so they do not do well when left “home alone”.  It is best that they are boarded at a bird friendly place where they can be social, fed their favorite foods, given fresh water daily, and checked to see that they are safe and comfortable.
If you are having your home painted or having a pest control company in to spray, the chemicals can be harmful to your parrot.  Also, if you have someone in to clean your house or carpets, they may not know that certain cleaning solutions are toxic to birds. 
We also provide “bird day out” if your parrot just needs time away from home or if you need time away from them.  Sometimes a couple of days at birdie boot camp can defuse some problem behaviors, both from the parrot’s point of view and yours.
If your parrot’s wings are clipped, we will provide playtime out of the cage on a playstand.  If the wings are not clipped, we will require the bird to remain in a cage for their safety.
We have cages suitable to your parrot’s size or you may bring your own cage.  It is best that you bring a couple of your bird’s favorite toys so they have something familiar.  We provide the appropriate food for your parrot, but, should they require a special diet, we ask that you bring it with you.  We do feed fruits and vegetables along with any favorite treats you want to provide.  Information regarding your pet is written in a file, and also on an indestructible (we hope) tag that is placed on the cage where your bird is enjoying a vacation of his or her own.

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