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I have always had a love for birds of all kinds. The first project I had in 4H many, many years ago, was to take a census of the wild birds in the surrounding countryside. When my son was three years old, we visited Parrot Jungle where I was nipped by my first Scarlet Macaw. I was fascinated! On that same trip, we went to Busch Gardens where I volunteered and was chosen to work with Fred, the famous cockatoo from the Baretta TV show. I was thrilled!

After being employed in many different fields, I tried staying home, but that did not work out for me. I need to be busy or do tend to be lazy. :) Shortly after that, my husband bought me some cockatiels to, as he put it, "mess with." Well that action sealed my fate. I was addicted.

Eleven years ago, a friend and I started All About Birds. When she retired in 2004, I re-opened as "About Birds" to signify the change in ownership. We moved back to our original location where we remained until last year when I acquired the "new" building, which is 800 square feet larger. This allowed us to have a separate place for boarding birds away from the parrots for sale.

We have decorated the inside with many paintings of parrots of the world. We try hard to have available many different kinds of pellets and seed, bedding, toys, cages, and all things that a well-loved parrot might need. If you cannot find what you are seeking, I will try to find and order it for you.

It is easy to find "About Birds." We are located 3.5 miles north of Tomball, Texas on the southbound side of State Highway 249 in beautiful Decker Prairie. Please visit soon!

Thank you,

Mary Hardcastle
Owner, About Birds
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